Butyl Applications

Comprehensive range of Butyl tapes catering for many applications


Roofing and cladding industry where it creates an excellent seal.


Automotive uses include sealing around the frames of sunroofs, and dust covers in car doors.


Superior waterproofing to low voltage cable joints.

Bus & Trailer

Many applications such as sealing between mouldings and the outer skin.


For use as an air, dust or water seal for compression joints and seams.

Water Tanks

Formulated for sealing flange joints of sectional water tanks.

Extensive Solutions


General Transportation

Our range of products offers technical solutions for a variety of applications and customer requirements.



General Assembly

Sealants systems are designed to meet all bonding and sealing requirements, while significantly reducing production time.




Our automotive range includes adhesives for body in white applications and solutions for direct glazing of windscreens, both interior and exterior component




We have deep understanding of market trends and technology needs to improve efficiency of manufacturing or ease of installation by contractors.


Butyl Technology’s
Butyl Tape

is the best option for your water proofing and dust proofing applications. Not only has Butyl Tape an exceptional low moisture permeability, it has an outstanding resistance to abrasion, ageing, heat, flexing, ozone, tearing, and weather. Butyl Tape also has excellent electrical insulation performance.

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