Silyl Modified Polymers (SMP)
by Bostik

The Bostik SMP formulation is developed to meet specifications of bonding strength, durability, and elasticity over a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. Our range of products offers technical solutions for a variety of applications and customer requirements.

Dual SMP system

The Dual SMP system produces a mixture with extreme green strength, faster cure times, and rapid total strength build up, which is independent from external influences (like humidity or temperature).
This system operates using a gear-based transmission gun design that combines SMP (A-component) with an accelerator (B-component).

Bostik SMP Applications

Bostik ISR 70-00 series is adapted to multiple applications :

• Permanently elastic sealant
• High elongation at break
• Suitable for applications subject
to large movements
• High elastic recovery
• Short tack free time
• Suitable for multiple substrates
• Excellent green strength
• Good adhesion to non porous materials
• Suitable in industrial applications requiring high overall performance
• Very good green strength
• Short drive-away time according to the FMVSS 212 crash test
• Suitable for aftermarket applications

SIMSON ® ISR 70-00 Series products to be used for general transportation



ISR 70-03


ISR 70-03 SSKF



ISR 70-08 AP


Industrial Special Range (ISR) Benefits

The Simson ® ISR is a selection of high tech quality products especially developed for industrial applications.

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