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Bostik extensive technologies portfolio and adhesive expertise is at your service to define the best solution for each and every single situation.

Bostik product range include adhesives for the toughest structural bonding (Bostik MMA) for bonding metal and composites structural parts to flexible bonding of plastic and metal components (SMP). For fast processing our hot melt adhesives range include pressure-sensitive (PSA), technical polyolefin (PO), as well as copolyamide (CoPA) and copolyesters (CoPES) hot melt adhesives for highest performance in demanding environments. Adapted to all process from application to the dot with high-performing instant adhesives (B2B), spray, coating, laminating or injection, there is always a product to fit your optimal process requirements.

Bostik offers a unique expertise in Specialty Hot Melts with internalized design and manufacturing of CoPA and CoPES resins. Our products are shaped to our customers need, covering a wide range of melting points and melt flow rates. Bostik also offers a complete range of converted hot melt web and films adhesives for easy-to-use, clean and efficient process.

Solutions for General Assembly


Sealants systems are designed to meet all bonding and sealing requirements, while significantly reducing production time. Bostik has been the market leader in SMP technology in the transport market for over 25 years. Their UV resistance makes them ideal for sealing the windows and body construction of buses and RVs. SMP products also save time in the painting process. Paint can be applied after the bead has formed a skin layer; while polyurethane sealants need to have fully cured prior to painting.


Structural adhesives are load-bearing, they add strength to the final part that has being bonded for durability and Bostik MMA provides a unique balance of high strength, impact and fatigue resistance, flexibility, elongation, shear and peel strength, and are usable within a wide temperature range. They cure at ambient temperatures with controlled cure speed and allow little to no surface preparation. They are not moisture sensitive and are water and chemical resistant.

Main Applications

• Side Panels
• Sealing Finishing
• Window Finishing
• Wheel Houses
• Floor Panels
• Floor Covering
• Luggage Racks
• Driver Area
• Destination Sign
• Seats and Composites
• Windscreen
• Side Windows
• Sealing Windows
• Side Panels
• Door Panels and Windows
• Emergency Exits
• Roof Panels
• Front and Rear Ends
• Luggage Doors
• Chassis

Adhesives and Sealants for General Assembly





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