In the year 2000, our license company STP (Specialised Technical Products), based in the United Kingdom, opened its doors and has been specialising in butyl tapes. At the same time Accent Manufacturing, based in KZN, South Africa was perfecting adhesive putty. STP and Accent entered into an agreement in 2016 to manufacture and distribute butyl tape in South Africa, combining knowledge and experience. Hence, Butyl Technology (Pty) Ltd,
was born.

We have a purpose-built manufacturing facility located in KwaZulu-Natal, which means closer to raw materials suppliers and a harbour on our doorstep for the import and export of materials and products. All this means substantial cost savings which can directly be passed onto customers. The factory is manned by experienced staff and Butyl Technology can provide short production lead times, an essential market requirement.
Providing a product that offers quality and consistency, comes from our commitment and belief in our product and the high standards of manufacture and service, on which we pride ourselves. Ensuring customer satisfaction in our products and service is our highest priority.


To be the worlds most admired manufacturer and distributor of Butyl Tapes


In order to achieve our vision, we will:
  • Provide superior products
  • Apply latest technology
  • Add value to our customer’s business
  • With respect for environment
  • Work in a socially acceptable manner
  • Offer competitive pricing
  • Provide superior service to customers

We offer


We offer a comprehensive standard range catering for all uses

Tailor Made

We can tailor make butyl tape to your specifications (width, thickness, tackiness)


We can supply packing for your own brand / house brand – Manufactured in South Africa

Consistant Supply

We ensure consistent supply and knowledgeable assistance from staff who are based where the product is manufactured

Do you deliver?
We can deliver anywhere in the world, Incoterms 2020 applies. Local deliveries are also made, and we have a facility for collections directly from the factory.
Where can we buy butyl tape near me?
We supply agents and distributors around the country. We also supply directly from the factory. Please see the list of agents and distributors under the CONTACT US section of the website or simply call the head office.
Is butyl tape available at Builders Warehouse?
No, but by contacting any of our listed agents or distributors or our head office they will be able to supply you.
How do I apply butyl tape?
You position the end of the roll over the join that you intend sealing and roll the tape off to your required length. Then remove the Siliconised paper and gently manoeuvre the butyl tape into position.
Must the surface be dust free and clean?
Yes. For a far better seal this is recommended.
How do I remove Butyl tape?
Simply grip it and pull it away from the surface.
What is the difference between butyl tape and silicon?
Butyl tape does not harden, crack and then leak. It stays permanently elastic. It is also generally more cost effective and has less waste.
What is the difference between Butyl tape and bitumen?
Butyl tape does not harden, crack and then leak. It stays permanently elastic. It is also generally more cost effective and has less waste.
What is the difference between butyl sealant and butyl tape?
It is the same product. There is different formulation for different applications. Please refer to our website.
Butyl strip and butyl tape difference?
There is no difference between the two.
Butyl putty and butyl tape difference?
There is no difference.
Is your butyl double sided tape?
Yes, it is double side.
What is butyl tape price?
Prices vary from the size that you require. Please contact one of our offices and ask for a tailor-made quote on your specific size requirements.
Is there a minimum order quantity?
It depends on the size, colour and your location that you are in.
Do I need to use a primer before applying Butyl tape?
No primer is necessary, just make sure the surface is clean and dust free.
Does our butyl tape come in different colours?
Yes, we have it in grey, white and black. We can also manufacture various other colours depending on the quantities required.
Can paint be applied over butyl tape?
All solvent free paints can be used to paint over the butyl tape.
Do you manufacture butyl products in South Africa?
Yes, and we are export registered as well. Please see our contacts list and find an agent or distributor in your area..
What are butyl rubber advantages and disadvantages?
Please refer to our website under the section features and benefits. One of the biggest advantages is that you have minimum waste and that you get the sealing job done right the first time. A disadvantage may be that the product now is only available via distributors and agents.
Does butyl tape harden?
A good quality Butyl tape will not harden. The beauty of this product is that it never gets hard.
Is butyl tape a sealant or an adhesive?
Its primary function is that it is used as a sealant, stopping air, water and dust movement or flow, for example, from point A to point B.
Can you use butyl tape for metal roofing?
Yes, one of the main applications of butyl tape is sealing the side and the end laps on metal roofing. Please look at the short video on our website that will show you exactly how it works.
Can butyl tape be used in window installation?
Yes, if you use a broader width approx. 50mm and a thickness of 3mm, a good seal is created between the join of a structure and a window frame. Thereafter you will still install the window applying the necessary screws and fasteners. The butyl will seal the join from water or air leaking.
Butyl flashing tape?
We manufacture this product at our factory in KZN and distribute nationally and internationally.
Butyl Mastic is used in the electrical markets?
Yes, that is correct. Many electricians/ electrical cabling companies, will use it when joining cables, using butyl tape as a mastic filler or a filler profile mastic.
What is butyl rope?
Certain markets refer to butyl tape as butyl rope. This is the shape of the butyl. The rope is in a bead form or shape, which is round. A typical size would be a 6mm or 8mm bead/rope.
What colour is marine butyl tape?
Generally, the boating market prefers a white colour to blend in with their colour schemes on decks and around port holes. A grey colour is also popular in the boating market.
Do you supply aluminium butyl tape?
Yes, arrangements can be made for the supply of aluminium backing on the butyl tape. This will then make it a single sided tape.
Is automotive butyl tape available?
Yes, we manufacture a butyl tape especially formulated for the automotive industry. This varies, in application position in a vehicle. Please contact the head office under the contact us page for further professional assistance.
How permeable is Butyl tape?
Butyl ranks among the top 3 polymers in terms of its impermeable character. Example: the inner liner in a truck/car tyre contains a high percentage of Butyl rubber. Hence ,no air escapes.

Butyl is our heritage, Quality is our tradition

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