Simson STR 360



Simson STR 360 is an elastic adhesive based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP). It has a high mechanical strength and a good initial tack. Simson STR 360 is suitable for elastic constructions in industrial applications. Simson STR products are free of any solvent, isocyanate and silicone. These products have good resistance to UV, weather and temperature. Simson STR products exhibit good adhesion performance on a wide variety of substrates (minimal or no pre-treatment necessary).


- Elastic bonding and sealing in e.g. caravan and trailer construction
- Bonding of metals, glass and plastics
- Solvent-, isocyanate- and PVC free.
- Good initial tack
- Good UV-resistance and ageing properties.
- Elastic in a temperature range of –40°C to +90°C.
In general, Simson STR 360 adheres well without primer on clean, dry, dust- and grease free substrates of aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel, zinc, copper, brass, powder coated metal, most lacquered metal surfaces, glass, PVC, polyester (GRP), painted and lacquered wood, etc. No adhesion on untreated polyethylene, polypropylene and teflon. In case of high adhesion demands, the use of Simson Prep M is recommended. Prep M degreases and prepares the surface of the substrate in one step. On plain, untreated wooden surfaces and other porous substrates Simson Prep P is recommended. In case the joint is exposed to UV radiation the bond surface has to be protected by UV-blocking methods like Simson Prep G. For more details concerning Prep M, Prep P and Prep G consult the specific Technical Data Sheets. For not mentioned substrates and additional information consult Bostik.
Simson STR 360 can be stored for 18 months in cartridges and 12 months in sausages, in an original, unopened container in a dry place at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C.
Simson STR 360 can easily be extruded with a hand- or air pressure gun at temperatures between + 5°C and + 35°C. In sealing applications, Simson STR 360 should be tooled or smoothened within 10 minutes (at 20°C/50% R.H.) with a spatula or putty knife, occasionally moistened with a soap solution. Avoid soap solution penetrating between joint sides and sealant, because this will create loss of adhesion. In bonding applications the substrates have to be assembled within 15 minutes (at 20°C/50% R.H.) after applying Simson STR 360. In general an adhesive thickness of 2 mm is recommended. Cleaning tools or removing uncured residue of STR 360 can be done with a clean colourless cloth, wetted with Simson Liquid 1. It is recommended to make a trial first to check possible attack of the substrate by Liquid 1.
The following publication is available on request: Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).



Basic material

Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP)

Curing method


Specific gravity


ca. 1.5

Skin forming time 20°C/50% R.H.


ca. 15

Open time 20°C/50% R.H.


< 20

Curing speed after 24 hrs 20°C/50% R.H.


ca. 2

Shore A hardness DIN 53505

ca. 50

Volume change DIN 52451



Green strength * Physica Rheometer MC100


Ca. 250

Tensile stress (100%) DIN 53504/ISO 37


ca. 1.5

Tensile stress at break DIN 53504/ISO 37


ca. 1.8

Elongation at break DIN 53504/ISO 37


ca. 180

Shear stress ** DIN 53283/ASTM D1002


ca. 1.7

Tear propagation *** DIN 53515/ISO 34


ca. 10

Solvent percentage



Isocyanate percentage



Temperature resistance


- 40 till + 90

Application temperature


+ 5 till + 35

UV- and weather resistance


Colours (standard)

White, grey, black


290 ml cartridges and 600 ml sausages

* Max. load which can be applied per sqm uncured adhesive without sagging.
** Alu-Alu; adh. thickness 2 mm, test speed 50 mm/min.
*** Type C, test speed 500 mm/min.