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Butyl tape, in its various forms, offers significant versatility in use, and has application in a variety of industries. In its most obvious form, it appears in tapes of assorted widths and thickness, and is a highly successful method of bonding together membranes for both building base and roofing applications. The Heating and Ventilation market has found this product to be preferable to other methods of sealing flanges on ducting, due mainly to its ease of application, solvent free formulation, longevity, and large joint movement capability. In bead form, it finds effective uses in both the glazing and horticultural industries, while the caravan industry use it for sealing outer skins and around mouldings. Butyl tape is also widely used in sealing in the motor industry.

Butyl Tape is chemically inert; therefore it will resist oxidation, and will remain permanently elastic, resistant to cracking, and will not degrade under Ultra-violet light. Butyl Tape can be painted. It can adhere to metal, glass, porcelain, concrete, plastic, polycarbonate, wood, and marble. The best sealing solution for the roofing, construction, automotive, piping, and electrical industries.

 All our tapes should be applied to surfaces at a temperature range of between +4 and +30°C. For best performance the surfaces should be clean, dry, and grease free. The product should be unwound and lightly pressed into position leaving the release paper in place. On forming the joint the release paper is removed and the closing surface pushed firmly in place, pressure applied along the length of the joint and mechanically fixed if necessary.

Roofing and Cladding

In the roofing and cladding industry where it creates an excellent seal in situations such as side and end lap joints and the bead section are particularly recommended for large corrugated end lap sheet profiles.


Automotive uses include sealing around the frames of sunroofs, in the dust panels inside car doors, around head and rear lights in panel beating shops and as well as mounting tracking devices in hidden compartments inside vehicles. It has great sound deadening applications for the automotive industry.


Butyl tape is used to provide superior waterproofing to low voltage cable joints. Our B2 tape is designed for use in electrical applications (sometimes known as vinyl mastic tape). Butyl tape has excellent electrical properties.

Caravans and Trailers

Butyl tape is used as a water seal in various caravan construction applications. CARAVAN manufacturers have many applications such as sealing between mouldings and the outer skin, lap joints on the body work and other areas where fittings are attached piercing the outer skin.

Ducting and Ventilation

Butyl Tape is used for sealing duct flanges in HVAC systems. For use as an air, dust or water seal for compression joints and seams. HEATING & VENTILATION market has found this product to be preferable to other methods of sealing flanges on ducting due to its ease of use and solvent free formulation.

Water Tanks

The B1WRAS formulation, water tank butyl tape, has been specially formulated for sealing flange joints of sectional water tanks and has been approved for use in contact with drinking water by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Ltd in the UK (WRAS). (Approval no: 1810552)


 Greenhouse and tunnelling manufacturers include this product to seal between the glazing and framework.

We will be here tomorrow to stand behind what you do with our products today!

We will be here tomorrow to stand behind what you do with our products today!

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